1-on-1 Application


This program will be customized to your needs and specifically for your challenges.

If you are serious about making positive changes in your life, and setting the foundation for better health, please fill in the application below.  If you’re not sure, perhaps you need to wait.

Due to my full schedule, I can only work one on one with a few people at a time.


What will happen after you fill in your application?


First I will send you detailed information about how I work, a schedule, fees, etc.  If this works for you, we will set up an appointment by phone or skype.  Then I will conduct an informal interview during which we will determine where you are now, what challenges you face, and how I can help you.  Time permitting I will address all of your concerns.  We will also understand if we’re a good match.  If we are, I will welcome you into my program and we can set up a schedule together to get started. If we’re not a match then nothing is lost, we can go our separate ways, but can still remain friends.


11 + 12 =

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