Don`t Buy NON Organic Kiwi Fruit

Do you ever do impulse buying only too regret it later? 

Does it ever happen with food?

Something looked good and you bought it, brought it home and then you read the ingredients.

Suddenly, you realized that it was a mistake and you should have known better.

You are upset for wasting your money and allowing yourself to be tricked into buying unhealthy food.

What a pain.

I, like many consumers, do that sometimes. I get down on myself when this happens.

Here’s what happened: my kids just begged me to buy them a few non-organic kiwis.  I reasoned, since we eat 98% organic, I could buy them what they wanted on this rare occasion.  Big mistake!

While the kiwis were ripening in my dining room, I had a friend over.  She revealed to me some lovely news about kiwis.  Afterwards, she forwarded me an email on how kiwis are treated.  

No, kiwis are not sprayed with chemicals; they are soaked by immersing them in a plastic bag with chemical compounds.

Great, I said! Do I really love my kids?

Then I just needed to toss those kiwis and that’s what I did!

Immediately, I felt better about my mistake.

Here is the email:

Don’t buy Kiwi Fruit from China!

Please circulate as far as possible, everyone must be informed and they can make their own choices.

When this is being foisted on to the public without their knowledge, it is tantamount to criminal activity.

You will have noticed some unusually large Kiwi fruit on the shelves and these look very attractive too!!!

No wonder we have so many sick people when they eat products like this, and there are many of both.


The Kiwi Fruit are soaked with chemicals whilst growing on trees so they will grow larger and weigh heavier.

They are using some kind of chemical growth hormones that can have bad effects upon human nervous systems including metabolic disorders, birth defects, and retarded learning abilities of children.

The Kiwi fruits, after soaking in the Chemical Hormone will grow larger and are more preferred by the merchants because they are more profitable!  Most of the fruit are from the Sichuan area.

Don’t buy Kiwi Fruit from China!

End of email.

How does it make you feel?

Is this is the fruit you want to feed to your children, or babies, or eat yourself?  Did you recently eat a non-organic kiwi, or feed it to your kids? How does it make you feel?  Betrayed, queasy, upset?

The problem

The biggest problem that we face is not knowing how are our food is being treated and where it comes from.  I am a big advocate for knowing where your food comes from. Had I known, I wouldn’t have made this mistake.

P.S. There are more over-medicated fruits these include watermelons and grapes.1


Do not buy non-organic food!

Do find out where your food is coming from!

Do not assume that because it is sold, it is safe.  It may not be safe.

Find a way to talk to growers, distributors, brokers, store owners or anyone else who may help you learn more about where your food is coming from.  I do ask questions, apart from this kiwi flop :) I know where my food is coming from because I ask (the right people).

You need to know and not guess that it is probably safe. You can see that it is not, at least with the kiwis :) As strange as it sounds, we have a right to know and we have a right to choose, and make our own decisions.

If you find that organic food is too expensive, there are way to dramatically lower your costs. You can find some easy solutions in my book –Savvy Organic Shopper’s Guide.

Do you have any revealing info regarding other lovely fruits we may be consuming without knowing?  Pass it on.

Stay healthy by staying informed.

Tania Belkin



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  1. I’m glad that I’m growing my own Kiwi! By the way, seedless grapes from China are also chemically treated with Gibberellic acid to enhance the size of the fruit. Gibberellic acid is a powerful growth hormone that many grape growers use especially in the production of Thompson Seedless Grapes and it is also used as a growth regulator in the Cherry industry. I wonder what that can do to us?

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