3 Healthy, Cool and Easy to Make Summer Drinks

Are you looking for healthy and organic drinks this summer?

Do you want to make a few easy drinks that are not full of sugar? And obviously, not full of aspartame :)

Can you think of something flavorful, healthy and refreshing that your kids will enjoy as well?

When we think about healthy drinks, herbal and green teas come to mind.

What about in the summer time?

Teas are not a typical refreshment drink, are they?

Can you imagine your kids enjoying a cup of green tea in the summer?:)

I recently came across of a very old clipping.  There were several green ice tea recipes.  I modified them to suit the needs of people who are looking for a healthy and organic lifestyle.

These recipes are great for adults and kids alike. If your kids are not addicted to sugar, they will love the flavours and refreshing quality of the drinks below.

I suggest to use organic green tea throughout the summer because organic green tea is loaded with antioxidants and has been proven to have many other beneficent properties including weight loss as I’m sure you know.

Here are 3 recipes, enjoy and please let me know if you have any idea how to improve them.

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