How to Save BIG on Blueberries this Year and 7 Delicious Recipes You Can Use Year Round!

There are many reasons why not to miss the blueberry season. 

Some include:

Blueberry picking as a family outing,

Blueberries are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and other vitamins,

Blueberries are healthy

Blueberries are great for your brain, for you heart, for your eyes, for weight loss and more.

My favourite reason

But my favourite reason not to miss the blueberry season is because, you can buy several cases and freeze them and use the blueberries throughout the year.  And the price can’t get better when they are in season.

Price factor

Do you think price is a factor?  Berries are most expensive during the winter; organic berries are even more expensive. For example, if you buy fresh organic blueberries in the summer, you will probably pay $5 per container.  If you buy them in winter, you will probably pay $8-$10 for the same amount. This makes them far less affordable for many consumers.

You may choose to occasionally buy small amounts of berries off season to make a cake, However, would you consider offering your family 2 packages of blueberries per day during the winter months?

Do you want to save even more? :)

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Can Organic Food be More Dangerous and Harmful to YOU than NON Organic?

Yes, they can.  Beware of imported organic products, they may not be organic, and have banned pesticides applied to them. If you want to know more about banned pesticides that may be used on your produce, read: Unusually Deadly pesticides and YOU.

Fake organic certifications

In the past year or so, there were instances when companies put up fake organic certifications. The details of which are outlined below.  These are not the lucky ones, they got caught.  What about the lucky ones that continue to cheat the system and potentially harm us? 

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Unusually Deadly Pesticides and You

Starting as early as the 1980s, the European Community, United States and Canada took steps to ban pesticides, such as DDT that were shown to be toxic to people, animals and the land. BUT THEY ARE BACK!

I remember looking at a jar of pickles, which was a manufactured in India.  My first question was, why India, don’t we have enough local Canadian or US cucumbers? Now I know why.

These counterfeit pesticides are widely used on your vegetables coming China and India, but also from your neighboring farms.

And, YES, all pesticides are potentially very harmful but some are more deadly than others and those are illegal and have been banned but they are still coming from China as a counterfeit and used on US, Canadian and European vegetable fields.

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Do You Really Know Where Your Food Is Coming From?

Do you ever question the quality and origin of your food? I do, all the time.

And you should too.  You want to stay healthy, right? :)

Nothing makes me angrier than looking at a package of food and realizing that manufactures and distributors are hiding the origin of my food!

Why shouldn’t we, consumers, know what we are eating, and where our food is coming from?  And why would you want to hide something if you have nothing to hide?  Manufacturers and distributors know that we prefer US and Canadian products that is why they are NOT telling you that you are eating Chinese products.

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