How to Save BIG on Blueberries this Year and 7 Delicious Recipes You Can Use Year Round!

There are many reasons why not to miss the blueberry season. 

Some include:

Blueberry picking as a family outing,

Blueberries are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and other vitamins,

Blueberries are healthy

Blueberries are great for your brain, for you heart, for your eyes, for weight loss and more.

My favourite reason

But my favourite reason not to miss the blueberry season is because, you can buy several cases and freeze them and use the blueberries throughout the year.  And the price can’t get better when they are in season.

Price factor

Do you think price is a factor?  Berries are most expensive during the winter; organic berries are even more expensive. For example, if you buy fresh organic blueberries in the summer, you will probably pay $5 per container.  If you buy them in winter, you will probably pay $8-$10 for the same amount. This makes them far less affordable for many consumers.

You may choose to occasionally buy small amounts of berries off season to make a cake, However, would you consider offering your family 2 packages of blueberries per day during the winter months?

Do you want to save even more? :)

You should go directly to a local organic blueberry farm and buy or pick them yourself.   This will greatly reduce the price, because there are no packaging expenses, no labour expenses, no transport expenses and no resellers involved.

Bring your own containers and lunch and spend a day in the country.  It’s a great family outing, and a lot of fun!  Not to mention, much more environmentally friendly because you will be saving on packaging.

Fresh blueberries will keep for a week or so in the fridge, but try to wash them and freeze them in a day or two.  And don’t forget to eat plenty of berries while washing.

What can you do with frozen blueberries?

The real answer is “you are only limited by your imagination”, the practical answer depends on your tastes and your lifestyle.  Below are several suggestions that I have used over the years.

1) Baking

Blueberry muffins, cakes and warm tarts comes to mind first.  And it’s true that blueberries are great for all kinds of baking. Check your recipes, many call for using berries frozen.

2) Eat berries slightly defrosted

Your kids will love raw blueberries slightly defrosted.  It makes a fantastic desert and it’s very refreshing, adults love them this way too.

3) Fresh 5 minute blueberry jam

You can make fresh blueberry jam, in the morning.  Just take out blueberries to defrost before going to bed.  Add organic sugar in the morning, boil it for 5 minutes and you are done.  Kids love fresh and warm blueberry jam, before school.  They will tell you that this is the best jam on the planet and will refuse to eat anything else. You can keep the leftover jam in the fridge for about a week.

4) Uncooked blueberries in your breakfast

If you prefer more simple food, you can mix defrosted blueberries into plain yogurt or breakfast cereal, for a nutritious and delicious breakfast.

5) 6) 7 )There is so much more

You can top French Toast with defrosted blueberries.

You can mix frozen blueberries into a pancake mix. Or you can put a cup of frozen blueberries into Apple Charlotte.

Almost forgot, smoothes, ice cream, sorbet and protein shakes are great with blueberries.  Add a handful of blueberries and see how the flavour will get brighter.

Get your blueberries now

So go and get your winter stash now, while blueberries are in season!

Google a local organic blueberry farm,

If you are in Montreal or Ottawa area, please drop me a line and I will suggest an organic farm or two for you :)

Hop into your car and have a wonderful family outing.

Watch the kids stuffing their faces with blueberries.

Your family will enjoy the day and you will have lots of fun :)

Happy blueberry picking!




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