Zen of Food Shopping

Are you looking for more meaning in your life?

Start with simple things.

Start with the food you eat… 3 times a day.

Take one day this summer and visit a local organic farm and buy some of your  veggies there.


Visiting the farm makes a big difference

That’s why taking your family to a local organic market or to an organic farm at least once a year can make a big difference.

I mean a real farm, not a petting zoo :)

Visiting an organic farm and talking to the team will change your perspective and it will positively impact you and your children.

It Will Benefit You

When you meet the farmer and his team, you will feel better about the food you eat in several ways:

—> You can ask questions and have them all answered directly.
—> You will appreciate the hard work that they do and you will be more grateful for the food you eat.
—> If you have children, they will likely not want to waste food anymore.
—> If you occasionally get a cracked tomato and think that you got a bad deal, you will understand that tomatoes normally crack during a heat spell.  Your tomato is perfectly fine and every local farm is faced with the same dilemma and you will happily give the farmer a break for something he can’t control.
—> You will feel more connected and you will find more meaning.  You will see how you are contributing to this world by supporting your local organic farmers.

If you bring your lunch, you can enjoy a picnic in the fresh air looking at beautiful hills, gardens and pastoral scenes.


 It Will Benefit Your Children

Not only will your children love to watch and pet the animals, they will also gain a deeper understanding of how the food chain works.

They will see how farmers take care of animals with love and devotion.

—> They will see chickens running all over the farm and your children can get close to them, feed them, and watch their habits, behaviors…calling out “Mom look at what this chicken is doing.. and …look at that one, quick..”
—> They will see cows, pigs, ducks and other animals in their natural and happy organic home.
—> They will see that growing organic vegetables takes a lot of care, planning and hard work.
—> They will feel lucky and  appreciative that they don’t have to grow their own food!

Of course going to a farm with children you will also be subjected to all kinds of questions…

Are we there yet?

Can we play with the chickens?

Then can we play with the turkey?

Then, can we play with the dogs?


Our Visit to Morgan Farm

We recently visited an organic farm and eco community by the name ‘Morgan Farm‘. The farm is located in the beautiful Laurentian mountains north of Montreal in Canada.

It was a very happy and uplifting experience.

We met a team of kind, caring and dedicated people.

The energy at the farm was happy and welcoming.

We asked a lot of questions and we were happy to learn about the high level of knowledge they had.

My children played with dogs, ran between chickens, turkeys, checked out the cows and wild boars.

My children also remarked that the animals looked happy.

We bought enough vegetables and eggs for one week and felt proud to support this wonderful eco-community.

We left the farm happy and uplifted and our children asked to come back the next week.


Can You Visit Your Local Organic Farm? Then Now it is Your Turn.

Pack a lunch, the car and children and go visit your local organic farm.

It will be a day well spent!

Tania Belkin



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