Simple Way to Survive Winter Without Major Colds

Does your body feel shivery and cold inside as the weather gets colder?

Do you feel uncomfortable and cold inside of your house let alone outside?

Do you feel like cranking up the heat to the max?

I do. Most of us feel the same way as the weather turns gray in the fall.


That is why we need to warm up from the inside


…by using traditional warming spices.

Cinnamon, clove, cardamom and ginger are on top of the list for this time of year.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, warming spices such as cinnamon, clove, ginger and cardamom can help boost energy, warm you from the inside and help you to build your immune system to fight winter colds.

These spices are described as warming to our stomach meridians, and are notable in their ability to warm the middle of our body. 1

The effect of these spices are especially warning in the fall and winter days, as the weather turns gray and we get less sunshine.

These spices are widely used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, and western Herbalism and Dentistry.


These Are The Must Have Spices

… During Fall and Winter

In addition, these four spices are also described as anti-inflammatory,  and antiviral, treat throat troubles, congestion and stomach troubles. 123 – All are the symptoms we are  looking to avoid during this season.

In addition, ‘Cinnamon has highly effective anti-microbial properties’ 1

Many claim that these spices are not only preventive but effective in treating the early stages of colds and flu.

Dr. Leo Galland, M.D. calls these spices ‘Superstars’ and describes their warming and healing effects.  He also mentions their properties as  helping one  to  lose weight in his book The Fat Resistant Diet.


You can Use these spices in Many of Your Foods


Dr. Leo Galland, M.D.  continues saying that we can add these spices to our everyday meals, thus spicing up our food as well as helping our immune, digestive  and weight control systems. 4

Cinnamon, clove and cardamom goes well with bean and pea dishes.  It is wonderful addition to pumpkin, squash and root vegetables  (they are the  main ingredients of pumpkin spice) They are also used in deserts and baking.

I hope that you will choose organic spices for their added benefits.

They are also great in compotes, teas, coffee and many other drinks.  Here are the Warming Winter Drinks that I found to be the most interesting.


Use With Caution


These spices are wonderful but use them with caution.  It is easy to overdo it.  If you don’t use many spices in your diet then start with a small sprinkle and see how your body reacts to them.   You can always add more next time around:)

I posted five new recipes of Warming Winter Drinks. These are relatively mild, I even tested them on my kids. To my surprise not only did my children like them but their friends liked them as well.

If you have any insights, comments or anything you would like to add please post them in the comments. Otherwise, be happy, enjoy and have a cosy warm autumn and winter!


Tania Belkin






  1. Hey! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a team of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in
    the same niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on.

    You have done a extraordinary job!

  2. aarti koolwal /

    These dry spices are mixed together,powdered and are added to curries in small quantities in India on a daily basis. It is called garam masala .It is healthy and flavourful and recommended for use in all cuisines.

  3. Thank you Tania!
    I’m a “warm-habitat animal” so these are great tips to survive during the winter :)

    I love sushi, so I guess that I’ll add ginger easily to my diet!

    • Tania Belkin /

      Thank you Mauro,
      I forgot about the ginger with sushi. It’s a great way to add ginger to your diet and like wasabi, a necessary part of sushi.

  4. Hi Tania, I discovered you after you left a comment on my blog–so glad I followed you back here. Much to explore on this great site. Charlotte

    • Tania Belkin /

      Thank You for coming by. I like your website and I like the article about the Graffiti book. :)


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