Guilt Free Chocolate Cake

In case in you were wondering the picture of the Guilt Free Chocolate Cake in my previous article “Sugar is Good for You, Seriously”  is a picture of the cake I made from Muscovado / Organic Brown Sugar. chocolate pie and berries


It is a Rich, Creamy, Moist, and Relatively Low Calorie Chocolate Cake.


Sounds like too good to be true, you think?


Do you like chocolate cake? What about your children, do they ask you for brownies all the time?


So maybe, just maybe, this recipe will be a winner in your house.

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Sugar is Good for You, Seriously

Do you know that sugar is bad for you,

but you still consume it because it is so hard to resist?

Do you wish you could eat all that sweet stuff without any guilt?

While I can’t promise you that I can completely alleviate feelings of guilt when you eat sugary snacks, I promise to introduce you to better sugars.

And hopefully, you will feel better about your sweet treats.

So, you can happily enjoy an occasional sweet snack.  Because…


Sugar Is an Excellent Source of Vital Nutrients.

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