Simple Spring Detox Part 3

Take a Close Look at Your Cleaning Products & Personal Care ProductsHousehold Products 3D


Cleaning and personal care products are often linked to allergies, irritability and low energy, to mention a few.


We often underestimate how much every day household chemicals affect our health, behavior and moods.


TV Producer’s Experiment


Below is a great story about common household chemicals as told by a NBC TV producer regarding her own experience:

Part 1 video:

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(If you watched Part 1, Click on Part 2 for another perspective )


Would You Like Some Chemicals in Your Soup?


Common chemical substances BPA, phthalates, triclosan are NOT something your body needs in order to thrive.


Some experts suggest that these chemicals will not harm you.  But I always ask: Do we have ALL the evidence? And what about the long term effects of these chemicals on our health?


The truth is, no one needs these chemicals in their bodies.  And it is not difficult to avoid them.


Changing Your Household Cleaning and Personal Products is EASY


It is very easy and relatively inexpensive to replace your conventional cleaning and personal care products by equivalent products that are green and potentially less harmful to your health.


The next time you are out shopping, just head out to the organic and natural section of the store and get yourself green cleaning  and personal care products.


 Benefits of Spring Detox


Depending how long and how intense your detox is, soon enough you will probably notice some of the following benefits:


Your brain will function better and become sharper.

Your energy level will increase.

Your will find yourself in a better mood.

You find it easier to control your weight.

Your skin will clear up and will become more radiant and smooth.

Your hair will become more shiny, softer and more alive.

You will be more in-tune with nature: you will start noticing the beauty around you; a colorful flower or a chirping bird.

Your life will very likely change for the better.


Spring Detox is a Great Way to Kick Start Your Healthy Summer 


It takes a bit of planning in the beginning, but nothing major.


It will set you up for healthier habits throughout the summer and fall.  And hopefully for the rest of your happy and healthy life :)




Eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables and drink healthy beverages.

Get yourself into exercise or walking / biking routine.

Detox your house to help your body.


If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below.


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