When a Product is Marketed as Natural Beware!

Have you ever fallen into the trap of believing labels that claim ‘Natural’?artificial juices


A clean, nice, ‘Green Package’ that looks attractive – must be good? After all it’s ‘Natural’, right?


Blinded by the packaging you buy this ‘Natural’ product, only to be disappointed later.


As it often turns out – ‘Natural’ is not really natural after all.
There are many examples of labeling that are misleading.
Here is a great one and an expensive one as well.


Naked Juice Co. promoted and advertised it’s Naked Juice line as ‘Natural’, but as it turned out, they were compelled by a lawsuit to remove ‘All Natural’ from their label because it was misleading the consumer.


So, they removed the phrase “All Natural” from their label and will pay $9 million dollars to settle the lawsuit concerning their mislabeling.


What displeased heath minded consumers most regarding their so called ‘Natural’ contents was the conventional soy (from GMO sources), a corn derivative ingredient (extremely likely from GMO corn) and an alternative sweetener called Fructooligosaccharide.


When I think about a healthy drink, those ingredients certainly don’t come to mind.

Avoiding These and Other Similar Ingredients


We all can fall into the trap of clever marketing.


Next time you fall for green packaging or a product labeled as ‘Natural’ just read the ingredients carefully before buying.


I have a marketing background and have fallen into this ‘Natural’ trap myself.  I know these are clever marketing buzz words and  I should have known better. Live and learn.


But what is important is that we don’t repeat mistakes, read labels and refuse to consume unhealthy ingredients.


Your Best Bet – Organic and NON GMO


If you want to avoid the above mentioned ingredients and you don’t feel like reading every label. Your best bet is to buy Organic and NON GMO labeled food.  By choosing Organic and NON GMO labeled food you can significantly reduce your chances of consuming undesirable ingredients.


Most of the time this works well, but not 100% of the time. From time to time a large food company comes up with an organic line, while knowing little about what organic consumers really want.  Although these brands may be organic, they add all kinds of unnecessary and undesirable ingredients. Here is an example: Organic Peanut Butter by a major brand: http://proorganicliving.com/2013/03/15/avoid-these-unpleasant-suprises-by-reading-labels


By the way


Very few consumers know that Naked Juice is owned by Coca-Cola.  Just as Dasani and Aquafina water are owned by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo respectively.  Whenever you see large companies jumping on the organic and natural bandwagon it is a cause for concern.  Check their ingredients carefully!

Making Your Own Refreshments


You can make fun drinks at home from ingredients you know and trust – here are few examples:

Cool summer drinks http://proorganicliving.com/2012/06/27/3-healthy-cool-and-easy-to-make-summer-drinks/

Soul warming winter drinks http://proorganicliving.com/2012/10/30/fall-winter-warming-spiced-drinks/


Just Remember


Regulations governing the use of terms such as ‘Natural’ are very broad.  Read the ingredients or look for organic and NON GMO labels and remember that ‘Natural’ can be a clever marketing ploy.


If you have any comments or suggestions, please post it below.









  1. I didn’t know that about ‘naked juice’. I’m pretty much a tea, coffee and water drinker, so I haven’t fallen into that particular traps, but I have to admit, I have been fooled by green-washing on occasion too. You are right, becoming an avid label reader is pretty much the only way to be sure of avoiding the nasties.

  2. Tania Belkin /

    You are right Kirsten. Getting your children to read labels is a whole new story. :)

  3. michellefetsko@hotmail.com /

    I tried Naked juice taking the risk on the “Natural Flavoring”. I had a reaction as I am highly sensitive to any GMO corn derivatives.

  4. michellefetsko@hotmail.com /

    Don’t forget about those “Natural flavorings”. I took the risk on a bottle of Naked Juice once but had a reaction and that was the culprit as it was most.y like a GMO corn derivative. But I am seeing so many products popping up that are now claiming to be GMO free and they are not! I am sooo frustrated. Wasting a lot of time, money, energy and worst of all having bad reactions. Culprits are propadienol (replacing propylene glycol in body and cosmetics products), decyl glucoside, lactic acid or anything with lactaylate in it, citric acid, vitamin c in all forms, it just goes on and on and on.


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