The Best Alternatives to Organic

What would be a second best option, when organic food is not accessible?photo


When we don’t have access to organic food – food labelled as ‘Natural’ quickly comes to mind.  But as you may know, ‘Natural’ is a vague term that has been exploited by clever marketing.  Additionally, by reading the ingredients, you will often discover that there is nothing natural about products that are labelled ‘Natural’.


That is why, the second best alternative to ‘organic’ are ‘GMO free’ products.


What are GMOs?


‘GMO’ stands for genetically modified organisms.  These are organisms that have been bio-technologically created by splicing and combining genes sometimes from different species.  Doing this creates more resilient plants.  But how safe it is for human consumption? The jury is still out and there is growing evidence that GMO foods pose certain ecological and health risks.*

Although it would be nearly impossible to say that your food is 100% GMO free, you can get pretty close to that.


What products contain GMOs?


Most of us, when we hear the term ‘GMO’ we think about grains and produce such as: soy, corn, canola and vegetables.  But if we closely examine our milk, meat, poultry, eggs and honey (to mention just a few), we can see how these products can be contaminated by GMOs, as well. This is because there is a high risk of GMOs in animal feed.


How can we protect ourselves from GMOs?



Look for a NON-GMO Symbol on the package. An increasing number of companies are advertizing this information on their packaging.




Check the list of Non-GMO compliant products on the Non-GMO Project website.

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization that offers their Non-GMO labeling to participating food producers. The Non-GMO Project uses third party verification.  This helps participating producers follow the best practices for avoiding GMO contaminated products.

You can find a list of participating producers as well as products which are Non-GMO compliant at

I use this resource when I need to know more about a new product my children are interested in.

Did I miss anything?  Do you have any comments or suggestions?  Please post it below.

Happy NON-GMO shopping .




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