The Juice Fast – a Simple and Effective Detox and a Way to Loose 5 – 30 lbs.

Tania Belkin


No food for 5 – 7 days, I mean no food, except juice and tea.

Those of you who have never done this, might think of it as torture, but it’s actually fun.

You see food in a new way, your sense of smell becomes keener, you discover new energy – somehow things become better and brighter and you are in a good mood.

You catch yourself smiling more often.  And needless to say, you can drop 5, 10, 20 or even 30 lbs painlessly and easily.

I do this twice per year as a detox, and I can see a big difference between the before and after.


What Kind of Juice Can You Use for a Juice Fast?


There is a specific set of juices you need to drink to be functional, happy and productive.  Home made squeezed fruit and vegetable juice (without pulp) is the kind you need, with 60 – 70 % of it being carrot juice.  You can also add spices, cinnamon, cayenne, turmeric, etc. I recently discovered that fresh turmeric is an excellent addition to my juice, thanks to Alison Smith juice recipes.


Juicing Veggies



Can I work During a Juice Fast?


If you do office work, you can work during a juice fast. If you have a physically demanding job you may just up your juice intake and see how well you manage.


Will I be Tired and Slow Thinking During a Juice Fast?


The opposite is true, if you feel tired, low energy or in a bad mood, you need more juice to boost your system.  Otherwise, you should have more energy and your thinking should become clearer.  You should feel happier and lighter as well.


Fresh Vegetable Juice


Will I Experience an Energy Crash?


Yes, if you don’t get enough juice, or if you push yourself too hard, you will get an energy crash.  Just take more juice.


Can You Exercise During a Juice Fast?


Strenuous exercise is not recommended, but walking, light yoga and stretching is actually very beneficial for you during a juice fast.


Will I be Tempted to Break the Fast if I See or Smell Good Food?


Yes, but it is not so hard to resist, you are not starving and you are getting proper nutrition from your juices.  It is like smelling a savory dish when you are not hungry.  I cook for my children throughout my juice fasts and I just watch them enjoying it.  Although, grass fed organic beef smells fantastic, I know that I will partake of it soon enough.


I Did My Juice Fast Then What?


fresh green salad


There is a specific way to come out of a juice fast; Start eating vegetables and fruits while continuing on juices.  Slowly introduce other foods, protein should be introduced last. If you can, thereafter have a juice or two per day.  When it comes to food, you will be much more selective with what you are willing to put in your body.


Don’t Try This At Home :)


Before you attempt to do a juice fast, speak to a qualified health practitioner(s), I recommend two, your naturopath and your medical doctor.


Happy Juicing!


If you have questions or comments, please post them below.




  1. You’re so brave! I’ve never done a juice fast before.

  2. Tania Belkin /

    Alison, you don’t need to be brave. Although, when I did my first juice fast I was guided by a naturopath. Right now, it’s second nature.

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