Never Have a Cold Again

Sick girl with fever

Can this even possible to never have a cold?   If you are like me and have young children, trying to never have a cold in the house could be a challenge:)


Let Me Tell You a Story


I met Dr. Bali, about 10 years ego. He was tall, tanned and strong like a bull. Dr. Bali was my husband’s yoga teacher and he was admired by many of his students.   At that time Dr. Bali was  about 80 years old, full of life and stronger than most of his students who were decades younger than him. What fascinated me about Dr. Bali was his claim that in the last 25 years he has never had a cold.


Netti Pot – Dr. Bali’s Secret


Dr. Bali taught me to use a netti pot, he said he uses it 3-4 times per day. But as a minimum he suggested 2 times per day, morning and night. This will remove any bacteria, viruses and dust that accumulate during the day.


Additionally, if you are exposed to someone who might have a cold, Dr. Bali suggested to use your netti pot shortly afterwords.  I recommend using  distilled water or boiled water combined with sea salt. (1/4 teaspoon per cup of water.)


Here is a short video on how to use the Netti Pot.

Note: While this is a good demonstration video, I don’t know if all the claims regarding the use of the netti pot have been proven.



Wash Your Hands and Never Have a Cold


Your mother probably taught you this or at least repeated it a thousand times to wash your hands. But what do you do when you are on the run or when you are in the car with hungry children?


 Homemade Natural Hand Sanitizer is My Preferred Solution


I found this recipe for a hand sanitizer on  I trust it because it is recommended by a pediatrician.


 Natural Hand Sanitizer Recipe
  • Start with a 4 ounce spray bottle.
  • Fill it about ¾ full with sterile water.
  • Add 1 TBSP of aloe vera gel.
  • Add 10 drops each of cinnamon, clove, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils.
  • Add 20 drops of either lemon, orange or grapefruit essential oil – whatever aroma fits your mood.
  • Place the spray dispenser top on securely and mix thoroughly.
  • Spray two or three times on your hands and rub together.
  • Repeat as needed.


Get Some Extra Sleep


Adding 30 to 60 minutes of additional sleep every night may be a key to perfect health.

Here is Russell Foster in one of my favorite TED talks:




In Addition


There are some indispensable supplements during the fall and winter seasons:  3 Must Have Vitamins to Boost Immune System


Also, there are several very enjoyable recipes for drinks that I use during the fall and winter seasons that can boost your immune system: Fall, Winter Warming Spiced Drinks


And, there are some seasonal vegetables that are packed with vitamins and minerals that also support your immune system: 7 Supper-Foods For Fall


There are a few indispensable spices as well: Simple Way to Survive Winter Without Major Colds


Last But Not Least


If you feel overwhelmed, tired and exhausted just take a break. It’s easy to fill every waking moment with a some kind of activity or social event. If you are heading out to meet your friends and you feel exhausted listening to your body is a good idea. Staying home warmly dressed with a good book and a cup of tea can be very soothing and therapeutic.  Your friends will respect you for your decision.


Truth Is


When my family follows the above suggestions, I can honesty claim that we never get colds.  The trick is to get everybody to follow the above routines early in the season.  The best part is, when our children remind each other that we all need to use our netti pots, wash our hands and go to bed early.:)




You are probably wondering how Dr. Bali is doing now.  To be honest, we lost touch, but his yoga school is still up and running. My husband checked up on him a few years back and he was still teaching his famous yoga classes.



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