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Tania Belkin



My name is Tania Belkin.


For more then a decade I have been a passionate advocate for organic food and healthy living. I like blogging about my research, about making healthy food choices and healthy living.


I have two great kids, a fantastic husband and an adorable lap cat Razzamatazz  (Razzi for short), who adopted our family. Razzi is not my cat, he belongs to our neighbor.  But he comes to our house every day to sleep and to get plenty of love. Raz


My family and I support local organic producers as much as possible.


We donate on a regular basis to ecological and earth friendly organizations, such as (but not limited to): WWF  – World Wildlife Fund, Ducks Unlimited, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Society for Ecological Restoration International, Green Peace and the like.


Healthy food


I have been involved in research and development of organic food.   I am involved with organic personal care / body products, such as soaps, skin creams, lip balms and more.

I have been an organic food and healthy living advocate for more than a decade.

I write about it, teach it, speak and also instil these things into my children.


I practice it 


My diet is mainly fresh raw vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and berries.  I am not a vegetarian.  I do eat organic free-range poultry, organic fish, organic eggs from free-range hens and organic meats occasionally.Tania Belkin

I like fresh vegetable juices and I do a one week long juice fast twice per year.


Healthy body

Strawberry Watermelon Juice

I believe that in order to have a good life, you need to be in reasonably good shape.

I am not a gym girl – never have been, but I like all kinds of physical activities, especially those that make me feel alive.



Tania Belkin

Hiking and backpacking represents for me the pinnacle of being in good shape and having endurance.  Hikers are the toughest people around. They are also the friendliest people :). There is an incredible sense of camaraderie, good will and encouragement among hikers and backpackers.


If you want to lose weight, hiking is the most effective way I found.  I consistently lose 10 lbs over 1- 3 days of hiking, while eating a higher than usual calorie rich diet.  But don’t try hiking just to lose weight, first get prepared and consult your doctor.


Yoga and the 5 Tibetan Rites


I was practicing yoga for years, but recently, my friend and mentor introduced me to the 5 Tibetan Rites.

The 5 Rites are an incredibly invigorating set of 5 simple exercises.

They are short and sweet.  I do them every day and have noticed a difference in my body since the first day of doing these 5 rites.


Here is my favorite video that I use.


Martial Arts


After years of working towards my goal, getting my black belt was extremely rewarding.  Above all martial arts teaches you discipline and timing.  It has also boosted my self confidence.  Being a black belt and practicing martial arts on regular bases helped me become an honors student.  Although fear of failure was also a major factor behind my success in college and university.




I go through phases.  I jog in my local park at 6 am day after day, then I get into rollerblading, then I am back to jogging, summer or winter, rain or shine.  Then I get into snowshoeing for the entire winter.snowshoeing

I do all kinds of summer and winter activities with my family.


Healthy mind


Time off


I learned this the hard way: in order to be productive you need some down time.


Feeding  A Chipmunk

Feeding a Chipmunk

Spending time in Nature


I take a couple days per week doing fun activities, one day with kids and one day without . :) We can take a Tuesday off for planting the garden instead of working.   In the winter we could take a Thursday to do snowshoeing on our land in the Laurentians.  In the summer, my husband and I take most Fridays off and head to the bike path. We could spend hours inline skating along beautiful waterways.


Get off the air


I am often up at 5 am writing.  Not because I have to, but because this is when I am most productive.


I don’t answer my phone on my days off, unless it’s family or friends and don’t check my email either.


I follow my own agenda.  This is true for my working days as well.  I don’t answer the phone while working  and only check my email at set times during the day.


When I read my emails, I am most likely following someone else’s agenda without even being conscious of it.


So I stay off the air, take messages and check email at 2 set times during the day.  I give myself a short time to handle these distractions, so I can get back to MY schedule.  In this respect I follow Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Work Week ethic.





I am grateful for all the good things in my life. For my family, for my husband and for my children too.

SnowI am grateful for all the opportunities and for all the good things I can do.

I am grateful for all the beautiful things around me,

for the gorgeous soft snow in the winter…

for the flowers and blooming trees in the summer…

trees in bloom


Self-Sufficient Living


If I could become completely self-sufficient I probably would.

At this point, my life has many gratifying self-reliant elements to it.

Every summer we plant our big organic vegetable garden.

We have a variety of fruit trees.

We make most of our food at home from organic ingredients.

My husband makes his own sour dough breads from scratch.

He makes a variety of organic cheeses.

I make my own yogurt, cottage cheese, sauerkraut, kombucha teas, and more.

It’s a lot off fun and I know from where my ingredients come, most of them anyway.




I teach my children all sorts of weird skills.climbingarchery

From fishing, carving, climbing, archery, hiking and camping …

To reading labels not wasting their food, acting responsibly and giving charity.


I must confess


Yes, I feed my children whipped cream and strawberries.  Mind you, organic cream and organic strawberries.  But this is more of a once in awhile treat than an everyday food.


And, yes, I occasionally buy them junk food. I try to make it organic junk food as much as possible.


We derail, we get tempted and get seduced by unhealthy food very occasionally, especially when we travel.  But then, we get back on track and it feels better than ever to have a healthy diet.


Even when the children eat this ‘bad’ food, they still get most of their nutrition from a healthy organic diet.  More like 85 – 95% of the calories my children consume comes from organic vegetables, nuts, organic poultry, fish and eggs.


Now my children read food labels and they know what is good and what is not. So, I can loosen up the reigns a bit.   Mind you, it took years of training. :)


My goal is to make them into good people while staying in excellent health.




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