Never Have a Cold Again

Sick girl with fever

Can this even possible to never have a cold?   If you are like me and have young children, trying to never have a cold in the house could be a challenge:)


Let Me Tell You a Story


I met Dr. Bali, about 10 years ego. He was tall, tanned and strong like a bull. Dr. Bali was my husband’s yoga teacher and he was admired by many of his students.   At that time Dr. Bali was  about 80 years old, full of life and stronger than most of his students who were decades younger than him. What fascinated me about Dr. Bali was his claim that in the last 25 years he has never had a cold.

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Standing on One Foot or ‘Flamingo’ Exercise Helps Prevent Injuries

girl accepted a pose for meditation on green meadow


Beginning in our twenties, we gradually  start loosing our sense of balance. 1

As we age, we also loose our muscle strength, flexibly and vision which added to the decline in balance increases the risk of injuries.

We may not know or see this decline until we get injured.

The good news is that a decline in balance can easy be restored by performing this simple exercise which takes 1 – 3 minutes per day.


Benefits of Standing on One Foot

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Super Healthy and Super Tasty Arugula Salad

Super Healthy and Super Tasty Arugula Salad


My recent trip to New York city sent me on a chase for the perfect arugula salad.


Finally we found this small cosy, classy Italian restaurant with a wood burning oven that radiated soft glowing heat, while the subtle smell of wood smoke lingered in the background.  I can’t even recall the name of this restaurant, but the experience was amazing. We were served Panini sandwiches with an incredibly aromatic and tasty arugula salad. This was a perfect gift on that rainy and chilly day.


After hours of search and experimenting, here is a reproduction of that very healthy and incredibly tasty arugula salad, perfectly balanced with warm pecans, roasted sweet potatoes chips and creamy avocado:

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Unusual Benefits of Sunlight


Research about sun exposure has been controversial, to say the least.


Some say it is dangerous, others say it’s vital to your health.


Some say morning sun is the best, others say noon time is the best.


Are you feeling just as confused as me? Or I am all alone here?


A Recently published study funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health says:


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When Potato Chips Are Good For You


Terra Blue Potato Chips

We hear all kinds of bad stuff about potato chips:

They make you fat,

They are extremely unhealthy,

They block your arteries,

They are full of salt,

They contain carcinogenic ingredients, etc.


Can there possibly be any benefits to this junk food?

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