Standing on One Foot or ‘Flamingo’ Exercise Helps Prevent Injuries

girl accepted a pose for meditation on green meadow


Beginning in our twenties, we gradually  start loosing our sense of balance. 1

As we age, we also loose our muscle strength, flexibly and vision which added to the decline in balance increases the risk of injuries.

We may not know or see this decline until we get injured.

The good news is that a decline in balance can easy be restored by performing this simple exercise which takes 1 – 3 minutes per day.


Benefits of Standing on One Foot

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Unusual Benefits of Sunlight


Research about sun exposure has been controversial, to say the least.


Some say it is dangerous, others say it’s vital to your health.


Some say morning sun is the best, others say noon time is the best.


Are you feeling just as confused as me? Or I am all alone here?


A Recently published study funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health says:


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When Potato Chips Are Good For You


Terra Blue Potato Chips

We hear all kinds of bad stuff about potato chips:

They make you fat,

They are extremely unhealthy,

They block your arteries,

They are full of salt,

They contain carcinogenic ingredients, etc.


Can there possibly be any benefits to this junk food?

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The Juice Fast – a Simple and Effective Detox and a Way to Loose 5 – 30 lbs.

Tania Belkin


No food for 5 – 7 days, I mean no food, except juice and tea.

Those of you who have never done this, might think of it as torture, but it’s actually fun.

You see food in a new way, your sense of smell becomes keener, you discover new energy – somehow things become better and brighter and you are in a good mood.

You catch yourself smiling more often.  And needless to say, you can drop 5, 10, 20 or even 30 lbs painlessly and easily.

I do this twice per year as a detox, and I can see a big difference between the before and after.

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Are your Organic / Eco Friendly Dry Cleaners Poisoning You and Your Family?

Nettoyeur Écologique RoyalIs your green dry cleaner really green?

The shocking truth about your Organic / Eco Friendly dry cleaners.


First The Facts

90% of dry cleaners use highly toxic chemicals.

These chemicals remain in your clothes.

These chemicals contaminate the air and water.

Some of these chemicals are known carcinogens and can cause many other health problems (see below)

Green, Organic, Natural, Eco-friendly labels can be and often are exploited by clever marketers.  On many occasions, these labels mean absolutely nothing. For example, Hydrocarbons are chemicals are found in petroleum-based solvents, they are “organic” solvents, but are nonetheless human carcinogens. 3

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3 Must Have Vitamins to Boost Immune System

Boost Your Immune System

Do you feel that you can use an extra boost for your immune system?

If you eat well and exercise regularly you are already ahead.

However, you might need an extra boost for your immune system this winter, before the flu season comes around.

I’m not big on vitamins and supplements but here are the three top vitamins that my family uses for the fall/winter season:

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