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Is This A New Miracle Oil?

The oil that has been labelled unhealthy in the 60’s has had a major profile change!coconut

Now scientists say:

It prevents weight gain and encourages healthy weight 1 ,

It helps to increase good cholesterol (HDL),

It is suggested as a replacement in cosmetics instead of synthetic oils,

It can slow and even reverse Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, epilepsy… (see video below)

It is also a natural antibiotic,

And it can boost the cognitive activity of your brain 2

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Simple Spring Detox Part 3

Take a Close Look at Your Cleaning Products & Personal Care ProductsHousehold Products 3D


Cleaning and personal care products are often linked to allergies, irritability and low energy, to mention a few.


We often underestimate how much every day household chemicals affect our health, behavior and moods.


TV Producer’s Experiment


Below is a great story about common household chemicals as told by a NBC TV producer regarding her own experience:

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Simple Spring Detox Part 2

Movement is vital for our well beingMother running along woodland path with 2 childrren


Movement is vital for our well being.


Movement relaxes muscles stressed from sitting, it also elongates and tones them.


Movement also gets your muscles into better physical shape by stimulating them.


People who sit for longer periods of time are doubling their risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular mortality.1


Walk or bike or Just Get Outside and Move


Walking and biking is free.  It is also a natural way to help reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and possibly coronary heart disease.

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Simple Spring Detox Part 1

Have you ever wanted to do a spring detox program only to find out that it was too complicated, weird or expensive? fresh green salad


Have you ever changed your mind about a detox program by looking at a bunch of scary powder pouches?


The truth is, detox doesn’t have to be complicated.


And it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

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Avoid These Unpleasant Surprises by Reading Labels

I bet, by now you have heard advice about reading food labels.Checking food labelling

Do you always follow it?

Probably not.

But you should.

Even if you buy organic food, do not assume that all ingredients are good for you.

Assuming the ingredients must be good will set you up for an unpleasant surprise or two.

To illustrate, let me give you an example.

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Hidden Dangers in your kitchen and how can it affect your health and make you fat

A recent study published by the Huffington post suggested that women who work in plastic manufacturing facilities have a 5 times greater cancer rate vs. those women that don’t work with plastic. 1Plastic Kitchen Utensils


What about chemicals from plastic that you consume with your food and drinks on the daily basis?


Plastic is everywhere even in your food, bad news.


More bad news is that very small amounts of these chemicals found in plastic are required to put your health at risk.


But the GOOD news is,

You can eliminate many plastics from your life and from your house.

Start with your kitchen.


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Guilt Free Chocolate Cake

In case in you were wondering the picture of the Guilt Free Chocolate Cake in my previous article “Sugar is Good for You, Seriously”  is a picture of the cake I made from Muscovado / Organic Brown Sugar. chocolate pie and berries


It is a Rich, Creamy, Moist, and Relatively Low Calorie Chocolate Cake.


Sounds like too good to be true, you think?


Do you like chocolate cake? What about your children, do they ask you for brownies all the time?


So maybe, just maybe, this recipe will be a winner in your house.

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Sugar is Good for You, Seriously

Do you know that sugar is bad for you,

but you still consume it because it is so hard to resist?

Do you wish you could eat all that sweet stuff without any guilt?

While I can’t promise you that I can completely alleviate feelings of guilt when you eat sugary snacks, I promise to introduce you to better sugars.

And hopefully, you will feel better about your sweet treats.

So, you can happily enjoy an occasional sweet snack.  Because…


Sugar Is an Excellent Source of Vital Nutrients.

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Fall, Winter Warming Spiced Drinks

According to Ayurvedic medicine, warming spices such as cinnamon, clove, ginger and cardamom can help boost energy, warm you from  the inside and help you to build your immune system to fight winter colds.

Below are few warming fall/winter recipes that I found to be interesting.  I used all organic ingredients, and I hope that you can do the same.


Fast and Easy Hot Spiced Tea

This is my favorite winter drink.

4 cups freshly brewed tea
4 cinnamon sticks
4 whole cloves
4 lemon slices

2 Tb honey or to taste.

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Simple Way to Survive Winter Without Major Colds

Does your body feel shivery and cold inside as the weather gets colder?

Do you feel uncomfortable and cold inside of your house let alone outside?

Do you feel like cranking up the heat to the max?

I do. Most of us feel the same way as the weather turns gray in the fall.


That is why we need to warm up from the inside


…by using traditional warming spices.

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GMO Study, Corn, How It Effects You and Your Children and What To Do About It

Mice develop tumors as early as 4 Months…*

We Are Not Mice and Our Life-Span is Longer Than 2 Years, But 

Do YOU REALLY Want To Take Chances With Your Life?  

What About The Lives of Your Developing Children???

If you are already eating organic food and think that GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) don’t affect you, it very likely does affect your day-care or school age children.  

Plus, it still affects those in your family who don’t eat organic.  

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Zen of Food Shopping

Are you looking for more meaning in your life?

Start with simple things.

Start with the food you eat… 3 times a day.

Take one day this summer and visit a local organic farm and buy some of your  veggies there.


Visiting the farm makes a big difference

That’s why taking your family to a local organic market or to an organic farm at least once a year can make a big difference.

I mean a real farm, not a petting zoo :)

Visiting an organic farm and talking to the team will change your perspective and it will positively impact you and your children.

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How to Save BIG on Blueberries this Year and 7 Delicious Recipes You Can Use Year Round!

There are many reasons why not to miss the blueberry season. 

Some include:

Blueberry picking as a family outing,

Blueberries are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and other vitamins,

Blueberries are healthy

Blueberries are great for your brain, for you heart, for your eyes, for weight loss and more.

My favourite reason

But my favourite reason not to miss the blueberry season is because, you can buy several cases and freeze them and use the blueberries throughout the year.  And the price can’t get better when they are in season.

Price factor

Do you think price is a factor?  Berries are most expensive during the winter; organic berries are even more expensive. For example, if you buy fresh organic blueberries in the summer, you will probably pay $5 per container.  If you buy them in winter, you will probably pay $8-$10 for the same amount. This makes them far less affordable for many consumers.

You may choose to occasionally buy small amounts of berries off season to make a cake, However, would you consider offering your family 2 packages of blueberries per day during the winter months?

Do you want to save even more? :)

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Can Organic Food be More Dangerous and Harmful to YOU than NON Organic?

Yes, they can.  Beware of imported organic products, they may not be organic, and have banned pesticides applied to them. If you want to know more about banned pesticides that may be used on your produce, read: Unusually Deadly pesticides and YOU.

Fake organic certifications

In the past year or so, there were instances when companies put up fake organic certifications. The details of which are outlined below.  These are not the lucky ones, they got caught.  What about the lucky ones that continue to cheat the system and potentially harm us? 

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Unusually Deadly Pesticides and You

Starting as early as the 1980s, the European Community, United States and Canada took steps to ban pesticides, such as DDT that were shown to be toxic to people, animals and the land. BUT THEY ARE BACK!

I remember looking at a jar of pickles, which was a manufactured in India.  My first question was, why India, don’t we have enough local Canadian or US cucumbers? Now I know why.

These counterfeit pesticides are widely used on your vegetables coming China and India, but also from your neighboring farms.

And, YES, all pesticides are potentially very harmful but some are more deadly than others and those are illegal and have been banned but they are still coming from China as a counterfeit and used on US, Canadian and European vegetable fields.

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Do You Really Know Where Your Food Is Coming From?

Do you ever question the quality and origin of your food? I do, all the time.

And you should too.  You want to stay healthy, right? :)

Nothing makes me angrier than looking at a package of food and realizing that manufactures and distributors are hiding the origin of my food!

Why shouldn’t we, consumers, know what we are eating, and where our food is coming from?  And why would you want to hide something if you have nothing to hide?  Manufacturers and distributors know that we prefer US and Canadian products that is why they are NOT telling you that you are eating Chinese products.

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3 Healthy, Cool and Easy to Make Summer Drinks

Are you looking for healthy and organic drinks this summer?

Do you want to make a few easy drinks that are not full of sugar? And obviously, not full of aspartame :)

Can you think of something flavorful, healthy and refreshing that your kids will enjoy as well?

When we think about healthy drinks, herbal and green teas come to mind.

What about in the summer time?

Teas are not a typical refreshment drink, are they?

Can you imagine your kids enjoying a cup of green tea in the summer?:)

I recently came across of a very old clipping.  There were several green ice tea recipes.  I modified them to suit the needs of people who are looking for a healthy and organic lifestyle.

These recipes are great for adults and kids alike. If your kids are not addicted to sugar, they will love the flavours and refreshing quality of the drinks below.

I suggest to use organic green tea throughout the summer because organic green tea is loaded with antioxidants and has been proven to have many other beneficent properties including weight loss as I’m sure you know.

Here are 3 recipes, enjoy and please let me know if you have any idea how to improve them.

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Don`t Buy NON Organic Kiwi Fruit

Do you ever do impulse buying only too regret it later? 

Does it ever happen with food?

Something looked good and you bought it, brought it home and then you read the ingredients.

Suddenly, you realized that it was a mistake and you should have known better.

You are upset for wasting your money and allowing yourself to be tricked into buying unhealthy food.

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Are stainless steel water bottles slowly poisoning you and your loved ones?

Has this ever happened to you?

You made a health conscious decision, but later found out that it wasn’t healthy at all.

Don’t you hate that feeling of being misinformed or mislead? I do!

Unfortunately, this is the situation with many stainless steel bottles; they can be dangerous and harmful to your health. This is often happens when you are not properly informed.  I know, common sense suggests that stainless steel bottles should not have any health risks, but this is not the case.

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